Irish students flocking Vancouver on a working holiday visa

Irish students are visiting Canada in large numbers. They are visiting Canada because of the better employment opportunities there. Just like Ireland, the working holiday visa of Canada is also available to Australians. After Mr. Trump changed the requirement for the J1 working visa, many Irishmen have traveled to Australia. Many Irishmen left for Canada after the global recession happened in 2008.

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Vancouver city is attracting so many Irish students. They have sought employment in the summer work programs there. This is because of the paucity of employees in this region. Vancouver is right now flooded with professionals and the J1ers. The latter terms refer to those who had applied for J1 visa of USA but didn’t get selected. Instead, they opted for Canada’s working holiday visa, and now are happily living in Vancouver. Those seeking the J1 visa had been sponsored by American universities to pursue summer programs there. 343,800 J1 visas had been given in the year 2017, but this was all before Mr. Trump came to power. He is likely to win elections in 2020 because the American economy has been progressing in his reign. So, the freedom to live in Canada for 2 years with a working holiday visa is a very big hope. A large number of working holiday visas are getting issued now. This is a staggering number. Almost 10,700 of such visas are given to the Irish right now. However, due to such incoming of a large number of students here, there are problems in accommodating them.

For Australians, Where to live in Canada if you are on a working holiday visa?

Fortunately, Australia is also as lucky as Ireland to have the privilege of getting a Canada working holiday visa. Canada is offering this visa for two years to Australians. Australians have also been lucky to find employment in places such as Whistler Village there.

When you are looking for rental places like Vancouver, the cost is 550-800 CAD for places in Kitsilano, whereas, for urban areas in this city, the cost is as high as 1,700 CAD for a single bedroom apartment. So, you can easily be a part of this city if you choose Kitsilano.

In Toronto, High Park North areas are more desirable with rents as low 990 CAD per month. So, you can opt for this area instead of opting for downtown Toronto where the rates are high. Victoria is also a desirable place to be. It has rent at, 1,100 CAD for an apartment with one bedroom.

Calgary also has affordable living facilities for those on a working holiday visa. It has the rent of 1,070 CAD implemented for an apartment with one bedroom. Ass far as Calgary, it has imposed higher rents in southwest and northeast suburbs however the rents are lower in the other regions of this city which are the northwest and southeast suburbs. Southeast Calgary also has McKenzie Lake located here. You can easily immigrate to Canada on a working holiday visa through Nile Migration. They can assist you with everything including the paperwork and filing for this visa.
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