Best Pool Parties in Nashville Tennessee

Best Pool Parties in Nashville Tennessee

* From boozy lazy rivers to star-studded night-swimming to floating fiestas — we’ve rounded up the aqua parties you’d be a clown(fish) to miss. So, get down with this list, slap on a horny Speedo, and get equipped to turn up your summer for real.

* Wet Republic

* Why you should go: The recipe for a correct pool birthday celebration is extraordinarily simple. Throw a few bronzed youths into the water, add some beats, and cook dinner over heavy bass. But the recipe for an exquisite pool celebration has been perfected through the Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, thanks to their extraordinary ingredient — a killer lineup. With acts like Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Krewella performing in the front of a 1200 sqft LED wall manned with the aid of devoted visual performers, you can’t go wrong.

*Afternoon Delight

* Why you go: Free popsicles. Wait, there’s more. In addition to the frozen treats that no longer only assist cool off customers however also furnish the best prop for a #summertimeselfie, the Standard’s Afternoon Delight churns out the trendy seen-and-be-seen party vibe on Sunday afternoons every month. Acts like Cassian and Bones will grant the leisure for next month’s rager, which will additionally be an occasion of the 10-year-anniversary of this quintessential LA pool party. Sundays is off the chain here and many bachelor parties disappointed from going to the strip club, seek entertainment. The best place in Nashville is run by famous Sean Michaels and a reliable company that provides reliable beautiful Nashville strippers to join you at the pool party and also, so a fun strip shows in the cabana.

*Sun & Set Party

* Why you ought to go: Let’s get one element straight. Sun & Set at the Revere is no knockoff Vegas pool party. Yeah, you can get bottle carrier and hire out a cabana with your friends and enjoy the song and make a time of it, but it’s truly greater chill, and that just maybe what some are looking for in a pool party. There’s solely so a lot of great looking men can take, after all. This issue starts off evolved at 11 and goes on till midnight, and girls are free before 1 pm. And yes, the pool is supposed to be warm. Don’t fear about it.


* Why you ought to go: Nestled on the, you guessed it, the fiftieth floor of the Viceroy Hotel, FIFTY’s pool celebration is all about the view. Yeah, the 360 diploma vistas of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay from all the way up there are great, but the bikini contests don’t damage either. While FIFTY’s got all the unique components of a warm pool birthday celebration — appropriate music, relax vibes — it’s obtained the delivered bonus of the club’s manager, a paramedic firefighter through the day like Sean Michaels from firefighter and male dancer, regularly internet hosting activities that without delay benefit neighborhood charities. When the firefighters featured in the South Florida Firefighters Calendar exhibit up and shame your ab game whilst they flex through the pool, just be aware that it’s for charity.

*Marquee Day Club

* Why you should go: Crowds don’t count number as a whole lot when you shoulder to shoulder with the lovely people. Not impressed with Vegas’ definition of beauty. Marquee’s massive $150 fish-bowl drinks — break up amongst your buddies of the route — help trade your perspective. While Marquee’s Day Club is a powerhouse of a party, an unapologetic romp in a pool with a DJ maintaining the reins (and dropping the bass) whilst you dance away in the desert, the real draw of the area is the personal cabanas. Splurge on one of these and you’ll get positioned in front of your very own personal infinity pool warm tub.


* Why you ought to go: Sweaty day clubs in the wilderness are great, but night swimming and night getting-slapped-with-pool-noodles are even better. The ultra-trendy dangle out spot for LA innovative sorts boasts plenty of celeb leisure like Questlove and Thom Yorke and humans you didn’t even recognize DJed (looking at you Elijah Wood). There are two bars, pool toys like massive pretzels or a 7ft dragon because yes, humans really swim between posturing for the digital camera in their cool-kid attire.

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