Biocontrol Millions of trichogrammes released

Biocontrol Millions of trichogrammes released

Resulting from the research and development of Biotop, this innovative product has been tested and approved by castles and problem specialists. Today with efficiencies exceeding 90% in the best trials, this new product is a very important advance for the fight against Boxwood Borer.


Trichogramma are micro-hymenoptera (<1 mm) parasitoids of eggs. The female lays her eggs in those of the pest, which destroys them and prevents the birth of caterpillars. Some Trichogramma species attack boxwood moth eggs (Cydalima perspectalis), a moth responsible for the destruction of boxwood.

After emergence and exit of the scatterers, the adult trichogramma parasitize the boxworm eggs Will then leave these eggs other trichogrammes that may themselves parasitize new eggs of corn borer. Thus, TRICHOTOP® BUXUS eliminates the pest before the first damage occurs !


Packed in diffusers, trichogrammes are protected from bad weather and insects. Simply hang the diffuser in the middle of the box to optimize the action of trichogrammes. In its dense foliage the box will not let appear your diffuser. The installation in the boxwood is to be foreseen from the beginning of the flight of the pest (before appearance of the damage).

Fragile product: 48h delivery to use upon receipt (can not be kept).

dosage 1 diffuser / 5m linear or 10m2 / Ou 1-2 diffuser by topiary.1 diffuser = 5000 trichograms / Duration of an application = 2 weeks.To deepen the fight of boxwood borer

Presence of adults (butterfly: use a butterfly pheromone trap)

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