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I think these figures are justified, I see no reason for them to inflate. Besides Cialis and similar funds go, not as prevention, but directly to resolve the problem. There is no sense to inflate the numbers, making the ads, who buy Cialis without the need of her errands, not buy. And it's not such a deficit that you would take it for the future, according to some. But this high percentage is due to our sumasshedshim life, alcohol, cigarettes plus bad environment. All of this may not, impact on health, hence the problems with potency is most in even a fairly young age.Also think that 90% is too much, it turns out almost every one has problems in sex.

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Puberty in men is up to 22 years, it turns out, it's still not completely finished, but the problem is already there. Nonsense. Exaggerated data to ugliness. That 40% is much more realistic, yet healthy men also there, though they are in the minority, unfortunately, and the vast majority kill themselves unhealthy lifestyle, this is the main reason.Yeah well, personally I don't really believe in all of these studies. As the saying goes, there are lies, there are damned lies and there are statistics. And so the scientific and medical statistics - generally a separate issue.

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But, on the other hand, now is the time - eat anything, drink anything, breathe dirty air, constant stress, etc. So, the real numbers are probably really high. Although, I agree that 90% is a slightly inflated figure)
Wow research!!! Don't want to believe that 90% of men suffer from this delicate disease. Anyway, I believe that it is impossible to conduct a study adequately, so took a certain number of men at random, conducted a study and among them were such a high percentage. I think it's not so bad as written.otherwise the tests can be deviation. and your blood will not work.

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No shame can't be there where you depends on the health of another person. Who cares-that was me in the center of the donation. The questionnaire specify was not about Cialis. But the analysis is still not passed, tons of that out there with a platelet, said with such indicators even the plasma is not taken. Then the Cabinet decided for fun to ask. The doctor said that on a plasma if you take Cialis, you can donate blood, in its purest form with this blood can not pass. Oh, guys, it is clear that you do not want once again to advertise that taken Cialis, but the blood — it is responsible, from your blood can depend on a person's life. I, for instance, in the childhood was ill with jaundice, since then, almost 40 years have passed, but all the same donor I can't, although now all the indicators and in order. About this immediately said, after an illness. And analyses it is now I have no show, but I can't donate blood.

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About effects of Cialis on blood I don't know, but his conscience would have asked all the doctors, so sin on the soul was not. devote in what You take Cialis. In any case, the blood is cleaned be sure and check it out. Definitely not hurt, don't worry. His brother is in the hospital after surgery. Said that it is necessary to take blood and donation center. I often take Cialis. Will it be seen by the analyses, can anyone come across?. There should please be sure to write what medicine to take. Ashamed to write about it..Can I do the blood then pass, maybe under the influence of the drug the blood is changing, so the figures there everyones...